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February WNAC

Maybe someday I will have a blog post/WNAC manis posted on time. Hopefully March, because I am currently writing this post and working on my manis for March. Anyways. I was excited for February since it steered away from traditional pink and hearts for Valentine’s Day and left room to be more creative. That being said, I ended up using pinks and reds anyways (oops).

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Better Late Than Never? January’s WNAC

I’ve been participating in the Weekly Nail Art Challenge (WNAC) held by Kristin of  @kgrdnr and Tracey of @missbellatracey for awhile now. Since December 2014, as a matter of fact. If you aren’t familiar with what WNAC is, it’s a monthly group of prompts with an overarching theme to do manis of.

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