Maybe someday I will have a blog post/WNAC manis posted on time. Hopefully March, because I am currently writing this post and working on my manis for March. Anyways. I was excited for February since it steered away from traditional pink and hearts for Valentine’s Day and left room to be more creative. That being said, I ended up using pinks and reds anyways (oops).

Below are all my designs for February including information about the polishes I used and a little bit about how I completed each look.


February 3: Sunset



When I saw the first prompt was sunset, I knew I wanted to go a bit more abstract and use sunset colors. I used NYC Strip Me Off as my base coat, OPI Good Grief! (yellow) and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Sun Kissed (orange) and Coral Reef (pink). I used a makeup sponge to make the gradient. I decided that the mani was too plain with just the gradient, so I stamped on top of it using Mundo De Unas Creme stamping polish. The plate I used is Uber Chic Plate 1-01. I have never stamped with straight lines before, and I struggled. I didn’t realize how precise you have to be when pressing down the stamper on your nail, which is why some of my lines are so crooked. Better luck next time! I topped this mani off with Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat.

February 10: Love Note



Next up is Love Note. Again, similar to the first prompt, I wanted to go a little different. Instead of a long love note or an envelope, I decided to make my love note short and sweet. I think people don’t appreciate the beauty in things as much as they should. That’s why I chose the phrase “be YOU tiful,” because you are beautiful 🙂 For this mani, I used NYC Strip Me Off base coat, Flower Polish in Rose Gold Top Coat, Aster Place (dark pink), and What’s The Daffodilly-O? (light pink). I bought these polishes at Walmart a long time ago because they were on clearance, and OMG they were amazing. Both pinks covered in two coats and the flaky top coat is so pretty. I would love to try more of them, but I don’t think it’s sold anymore. I used Mundo De Unas stamping polish in Gold and Uber Chic plate 3-03 and 4-02. I absolutely loved these nails and wished I could wear them forever.

February 17: Flowers





This mani. I just can’t. I stayed up way too late doing this but it turned out so amazingly. This was my first attempt at reverse stamping. It took me a few tries to get it to work, but I’m excited to practice it more because the results are amazing. I used Revlon Quick Dry topcoat, OPI Glints of Glinda (nude), China Glaze Let’s Chalk About It (lightest pink), Pink or Swim (medium pink), and In the Near Fuchsia (darkest pink). I used Mundo De Unas Gold stamping polish and Winstonia plate W-04. I used a stamping tool to put the polishes on the stamping head, let dry until slightly tacky, and then added a coat of nude on my finger before stamping the design on. I topped this mani with Glisten & Glow HK Girl.

February 24: Lace




And finally, lace. This was a super quick mani that turned out really pretty. This mani could be worn all year for any event. I used NYC Strip Me Off base coat and Sally Hansen Color Therapy Ohm My Magenta. I received the Sally Hansen polish for free a few months ago through a promotion they were having. It came with a top coat and some cuticle oil. The cuticle oil is great and smells really nice. I started using it before I take my mani pictures because it soaks in really fast and leaves my skin looking smooth and hydrated. I stamped with Mundo De Unas Creme stamping polish and used Uber Chic plate 6-02. As always, I topped this mani with Glisten & Glow HK Girl. How did I ever live without this topcoat?!

Alright! That’s all for February! I hope you guys liked my designs this month as much as I did! Look out for March’s manis coming soon!