I’ve been participating in the Weekly Nail Art Challenge (WNAC) held by Kristin of  @kgrdnr and Tracey of @missbellatracey for awhile now. Since December 2014, as a matter of fact. If you aren’t familiar with what WNAC is, it’s a monthly group of prompts with an overarching theme to do manis of.

I kind of fell out of doing them in 2016 because college got hella busy, but I made it my New Year’s resolution to keep up with them this year. So far, I’ve been a bit behind in posting the pictures, but I’ve done all of the prompts so far. You can follow the official Instagram account @wnac_tkc here.

I kind of last minute had the idea to make a blog post at the end of each month showcasing my nail art I do for the prompts, including the products I used and how I did them. So here goes!

January 2017 WNAC prompts

These are the prompts for January, with the theme of iridescent. I kind of freaked out about the theme this month because I don’t have many iridescent polishes, but I made it work. Below are my designs for each week including the polishes I used and a little bit about how I accomplished the design!

January 6: Color Block




For the color block prompt, I used Different Dimension “Bean There, Done That” (Polish Con Chicago exclusive), Tonic Polish “Windy City” (Polish Con Chicago exclusive), and OPI Black Onyx. “Bean There, Done That” is the silver polish and “Windy City” is the purple one. Both of these polishes are absolutely amazing. I swatched  “Windy City” on my Instagram. To do this nail art, I started with NYC Strip Me Off base coat, then applied two coats of “Black Onyx.” Once that was dry, I used striping tape that I bought online years ago. I then used a dotting tool to place the purple and silver polish, that way I wouldn’t make a mess and spill over the sections. I then removed the tape and used Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat to finish off the design.

January 13: Watermarble



As I mentioned before, I don’t have very many iridescent polishes, so I used Different Dimensions “Bean There, Done That” again. I used NYC Strip Me Off as my base, then painted on “Bean There, Done That.” This polish is beautiful and has nice coverage. It would be nice to wear on its own for a nice bling-y look. To accomplish the watermarble, I used Top Shelf Lacquer “Bar Mix (Clear Watermarble)”. I’ve had bad experiences in the past watermarbling, so I am by no means talented at it, but I had a decent time with “Bar Mix.” For the black, I again used OPI “Black Onyx.” I think the OPI was what was causing me problems when I watermarbled, since it’s getting pretty old (fun fact: this is the only polish I have that’s half empty!). After letting the watermarble dry, I used Glisten & Glow HK Girl topcoat.

January 20: Negative Space



I’m going to start this section off by saying that I am not a huge fan of negative space manis. That being said, I’m pretty okay with how this design turned out. I tried using NYC Strip Me Off base coat with a clear coat on top, but the vinyls stuck to it anyways, so I had to use Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat. Once that dried, I applied Polished For Days single chevron vinyls. I then applied one coat of Formula X “Huntress” and immediately removed the vinyls. If you wait too long to remove the vinyls, the polish starts drying, and then it creates sloppy lines. This also happens if the polish is too thick. After the polish dried, I applied Glisten & Glow HK Girl topcoat.

January 27: Gradient


For my gradient I used NYC Strip Me Off base coat and once that was dry, I sponged on Formula X “Moon Walk” and “Clever” using a makeup sponge. “Moon Walk” is the shimmery white polish and “Clever” is the purple. Both polishes are textured when applied with a sponge and when applied regularly. I didn’t use a top coat in order to preserve the texture.

That’s it for this month’s WNAC! Hope you all enjoyed! Now that it’s almost March (as in, tomorrow is March 1st), I will be posting February’s round up hopefully this weekend and I’m excited to start on March!